Welcome to the website of VITI Dooel
In order to better introduce you to our entire programme of products, we have selected some of the products that are currently used most on the Macedonian market.

  • Hex Head Cup Srews in DIN 933 (full thread) and DIN 931(half thread), Diameters from M4 till M36 and length up to L=300mm in quality 5.6,8.8 and 10.9.
  • Socket Cup Screw in DIN 912 with diameters from M4 till M30 and length up to L=200mm in quality 8.8 , 10.9 and 12.9.
  • Hex Bolts for High Strength Structures in DIN 6914 with diameters from M12 till M30 and length up to L=200mm. exclusively fabricated in 10.9 quality. These bolts are in a set with Hex Structural Nuts in DIN 6915 also fabricated in 10.0 quality as well as Structural Washer in DIN 6916.
  • Hexagon Nuts in DIN 934 with diameters from M3 till M68 in quality 8.0 and 10.0
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nuts in DIN 985 with diameters from M 6 till M24 in quality 8.0
  • Flat Washers in DIN 125 and Elastic Washers in DIN 127 with diameters from M 3 till M 36 ; Tooth Lock Washers in DIN 6797 with diameters from M 6 till M 16 as well as Fender Washer in DIN 9021 with diameters from M 6 till M 16.
  • Threaded Rod in DIN 975 with diameters from M 6 till M 36 all with length L=1000mm fabricated in 4.6 and 8.8 quality.
  • Internal Retaining Rings in DIN 472 and External Retaining Rings in DIN 471 with diameters from F 4 all the way to F 200.
  • Steel Wire Rope in DIN 3066 and DIN 3060 with diameters from F 2 till F 37 as well as accessories such as Wire Rope Clips; Wire Rope Shackles;Wire Rope Turnbuckles; Wire Rope Thimble and all sorts of Wire Rope Hooks.
  • Spring Pins in DIN 1481 with outer diameters from F 3 till F 8 and lengths to L=100mm.
  • Split Pins/Cotter Pins in DIN 94 with outer diameters from M 3 till F 10 and lengths to L=100mm.
  • Hose Clamps with range from F 8-12 up to F 140-160 ; Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with range from F28-32 up to F 240-260.
  • Anchor Bolts with dimensions from M 8 x 60mm up to M 20 x 200mm.